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Have you ever needed to replace your floor but have been confused as to where to start, what to choose and if it would actually be suitable for your property? Perhaps we can help? We have a range of articles designed to point you in the right direction, with hints and tips on how to choose a new floor, particularity if you want floor slabs and tile.

Is your property a luxury commercial business? Maybe a casino or a high end boutique? The flooring you choose will tell your clientele a lot about you, so you might want to opt for a very expensive flooring slab that will be hard wearing and stand up to heavy foot traffic. We can guide you with a list of the most expensive flooring options available on the market.

Maybe your property is a period residential, such as a Victorian townhouse, then the flooring you choose should be in keeping with that era and style. Over modernising a property can look amazing initially, but may but off potential future buyers who are looking for homes that have kept a little of their original character. Current modern trends may also not stand the test of time and will need to be redone a little down the line when it becomes dated. Choosing a flooring slab that is sympathetic to the home era and style is likely to remain popular and so not only will it save you time and money, it also helps the property retain a little of itself too.

Not everyone has a lot of money to spend on their flooring renovations, so we also help with a range of flooring slabs that fall into the cheaper end of the budget; they are still great quality and will do the job just as well, but they are affordable for more people.