Choosing Floor Tiles

There are a few things that you can keep in mind when you are choosing your floor tiles.

Consider the colour of the tiles that you want. You should think about the décor of the entire room when you are considering this point. Think about the cupboards, work surfaces and any accent colours that you have. Or you may just want to keep the look very neutral so that if you do decide to change the colour scheme then you do not need to worry about having to purchase new tiles too. When you lay new floor tiles you want them to last for several years to think about what is going to work long-term.

The pattern and size of the tiles are also important. There are different patterns available to you. Even plain tiles can be laid in such a way that they have a unique look, but if you are choosing a patterned tile then remember that you may have to match it up so that you can get the right look across the whole floor. The size of the tile that you choose will also affect the number of grout lines that you have. Will they look better in white or black grout? Will this have an impact on the look of the room?

If you are wondering if you should choose porcelain or ceramic tiles then you might need to consider the amount of footfall that the area is going to have. Porcelain tiles are considered to be the stronger of the two because they have a higher density. For a domestic kitchen though, ceramic tiles might be strong enough for your needs. If you prefer to use porcelain, remember that they are not as easy to cut because they are so much stronger – it depends if you are doing it yourself!