Floor Slabs for Casinos

If you are lucky enough to own a casino or you have the job to renovate one then the flooring you choose is important. Slabs are the obvious choice but with so many different tiles on the market how do you know which will be the right one for your establishment? And what is so wrong with the softer under foot carpet option?

As casino floors are high traffic areas then they have to be durable, so choosing a floor that is hard wearing is a must, marble is one of the most popular options. There is the potential for thousands of visitors each year walking on these floors, so something that will get worn or marked easily is not a practical option, although those who are lucky enough to have a No deposit bonus casino bet, might not be focusing too closely on the floor.

Carpet will get dirty quickly and that dirt can become ground in, in areas that are regularly walked on. In the end they just look stained and not at all welcoming for visitors. Marble flooring on the other hand looks amazing, is easy to clean and can withstand even the most heavy footed person walking on it.

Marble will not need to be replaced every few years to remain fresh looking like carpet or vinyl flooring would, so for the slightly higher cost of having marble, this will pay for itself in the long term. Marble also doesn’t need regular maintenance as hardwood flooring would.

Marble also comes in a range of colours and finishes so you can have high glass finishes in some areas and a more matt effect in others to help to differentiate each area of the casino. The washrooms and restaurant areas can be bright and colourful while still being practical.