Most Expensive Floor Slabs

There is no doubt about it – sometimes the floor slabs that you have your eye on are not the cheapest around. Sometimes it is worth spending a little more money if you really do want that quality finish for your home so why not consider one or two of these?

Natural stone flooring is something that you might not consider to be expensive but you have to think about how this material is produced. It has to be quarried and this is not really a cheap process. As the stone gets harder and denser the more difficult it is to quarry so the price will naturally go up. As different stones are quarried in different parts of the world the transportation costs have to be taken into consideration which means that the price for the end user rises. It is also not the quickest of materials to install, so this adds to the cost too.

Most people know already that marble is an expensive flooring. However, it is becoming more and more popular, particularly in luxury hotels for bathrooms. Not all the tiles are expensive but if you want the really good quality marble you will definitely have to pay for it. You should also remember that slabs are much more expensive than tiles, they are much heavier and need very careful handling as any damage can be costly.

Mosaic tiles always look very stylish. There are so many different options in this type of tile from the handmade versions to the designer tiles. Pebble mosaics are popular in bathrooms and many people will opt to have a custom-designed floor put in place. For designer or handmade versions you should definitely be prepared to pay a little more, particularly if you have chosen to have the design done for you.