PSD Residential Flooring

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Remedial Work

What we do ?

A full removal provides complete assurance of future stability and caters for any uncertainty as to the sulfate attack mechanism that may remain after site investigation. Our recommended procedure is:

  • Remove the concrete floor slab.
  • Excavate all the sulfate-bearing fill material.
  • Backfill with an inert material that is free from significant amounts of sulfate, sulfide and other deleterious substances to a level that allows for installation of a sand blinding and layer of insulation.
  • Place and compact in layers following usual good practice.
  • Lay the sand blinding and cover with overlapped and sealed sheets of 300 micron polythene DPM. Ensure by good detailing and workmanship that this DPM is not subsequently punctured.
  • Install a layer of insulation such that the U-value of the floor is 0.25 W/m2 or better.
  • Construct a new concrete floor slab over the DPM, specified only to meet usual Building Regulations.

Materials Used

  • Fill material - Type 1 stone compacted and blind with sand.
  • 1200 gage damp proof membrane.
  • 125 mml Polystyrene insulation sheets.
  • Class 3 concrete (35N)